Mojo Kojo x Ijoya

Mojo Kojo

Mojo Kojo huh? That's a cool name. Well yes, Mojo Kojo is the African Print Streetwear Label created for the celebration of African culture. The founder's first name is Koyejo, so 'Kojo' is just a shortened version of his full name. And of course, we've got the Mojo.

Delicately handmade by a team of artisans in Nigeria, our fabrics are sourced from local markets in Lagos, Nigeria. The fabrics are characterised by traditional African motifs, figurative patterns and subtle colours to wear to your favourite festivals and parties. All our fabrics are ethically sourced and our seamstresses are paid higher than the average market wage. 


We host regular African disco, funk and modern Afrobeat nights in connection to the clothing. We are influenced by African dance music and club culture. Ijoya means 'time to dance' in Koyejo's native language Yoruba, from Nigeria.

Check out the photos from our previous Ijoya parties here:





ijoya I, II, III & IV

Check out blogger @bornagainmatt 's short clip about our last club night in Shoreditch, London!