'Made in Nigeria' Collection

Did you know that there are over 200,000 Nigerians living in the UK? As the saying also goes, 'if you live anywhere in the world and you don't see a Nigerian around you, you should be worried...' We're in every pocket of the world and our culture is deep. Afrobeats, Supermalt, Jollof, Nollywood, Gele,- just to name a few. 

Our ‘Made in Nigeria’ collection defines ‘do it for the culture’ - and we really did it for the culture. We wanted to celebrate our clothes being made in Nigeria, and the African inspiration behind the brand.

Our first drop in the collection was paying homage to the Nollywood Queen, Genevieve Nnaji. If you haven’t watched a Nollywood movie - do you know what drama is? Just in case you haven’t seen her in action, here’s a shot from ‘Games Women Play’. 

Our next tribute was to a football legend who was ‘so good they named him twice’ - Jay-Jay Okocha. Him and his team dribbled their way to the first Olympic gold medal in 1994 against Argentina - Yes o, ARGENTINA.










Lastly we had to pay tribute to the parents - because their quotes are relatable almost throughout the whole continent. We all have a mum, dad, aunty or uncle who has asked us…

Bongi Kellner
E Comm Officer at Mojo Kojo

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