Ijoya x Mojo kojo

'Ijoya' - time to dance, comes from a Nigerian language, Yoruba. If there's dance involved, it's gonna be a good time and that's what the Ijoya events were all about. In 2015 we held our very first one. The aim, simply put, was to fuse west African fashion and music. We provided the style, Ijoya provided the tunes.







With London being such a vibrant city, we had to inject a dose of African-ness into the club scene. After all, we aim to be more than just a clothing brand, by creating a cultural platform. 

Mojo Kojo x Ijoya events were really just about supplying you with your dosage of African funky. It was about honoring the culture from the current Afrobeat bangers, to the legend and creator of the afrobeat, Fela Kuti. And of course, doing it in style.

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